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This is to notify that NPPF’s Books of Accounts for the year 2017-2018 shall be closed on 30th June 2018. All the member agencies and Members are requested to settle the following transactions with NPPF on or before 15th June 2018 positively:

  1. Remit Pension and Provident fund contributions for the month of June 2018 with the respective banks and forward invoices and recovery schedule to NPPF in correct order;
  2. Settle penal interest levied for late remittance of contributions and arrear contributions of the prior months, if any.
  3. Claim excess contributions remitted during the year 2017-2018;
  4. Forward Pension and Provident Fund Claims of those members who have resigned before 30th June 2018;
  5. Remit the monthly repayment of member loans for the month of June 2018 and repayment dues;
  6. Remit house rent and dues, if any, for those tenants residing in NPPF’s Housing Colonies; and
  7. Furnish bank deposit slips for deposit of Cash/Cheque to NPPF’s Current Account maintained with Bank of Bhutan and Bhutan National Bank to enable NPPF to resolve the Unknown Deposits.

For further clarification, please contact Mr. Thinley Dorji, Customer Care, Tele : 324140/325758/325638.