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Process of Accounting:Civil-PF

On receipt of the copy of the invoice and recovery schedule from the Agency, the details are entered into the Accounts Module of the System by giving effect on the date the invoice was stamped/validated by the Bank. The distinction between the contribution of Tier2 members and Both members are established prior to entering the details in the Accounts Module, thus the segregation of fund takes place at the entry point itself. Once entered in the Accounts Module, the same is reflected in the Provident Fund Module, based on which the actual distribution of contribution takes place with reference to the detail recovery schedule provided by the Agency along with the deposit invoice.
Some important tips :

  1. The date of validation must be very clear for entering the details in the system.
  2. The deposit invoice and recovery schedule must be physically available in the NPPF Office for entering the details in the system.
  3. The amount remitted and the actual amount ought to be remitted as per the data base must always match, if there is a mismatch then the members accounts are not updated. Thus it is very essential that the contribution deposit procedures be followed strictly.
  4. Further, all the contributions remitted must bear correct NPPFP numbers against each member.In case of any new member in a particular month, completed enrolment form must be attached along with the first contribution. Account number can be obtained from the NPPF by sending the Enrolment Form duly completed as soon as the member is appointed or before disbursing the salary whichever is earlier.
  5. Transfer of members, new hires, resignation, termination must be clearly and correctly indicated in the recovery schedules without fail. Copies of all appointment transfer,promotion.resignation & termination orders must be marked to NPPF, as usual, without fail.