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Important Procedures:Civil-PF

Important Procedures for strict compliance by the Accounts Officers.

  1. Enrolment Form should always be attached for the new members contributing for the first month.
  2. Contribution of Both members cannot be clubbed with the contribution of Tier2 members.
  3. Contribution should be rounded off to the nearest Ngultrum. Fraction amount is not accepted by the system.
  4. .Recovery Schedules should be prepared as per the sample attached. Necessary remarks wherever required should be made available compulsorily, however once informed, it need not be repeated in the following months.
  5. Members should be placed in the schedule as per NPPFP number sequence irrespective of grade and designation.
  6. If there is large number of members, it is advisable to divide them into divisions or units for an error free schedule and easy distribution of contributions.
  7. Contribution should be divided in to 50: 50 as Employer Contribution and Member Contribution in the schedule and the total should always be mentioned against each member’s account. Total contribution remitted should always match with the sum total of individual contributions otherwise the contribution will not be posted in the member’s accounts and thereby lose of interest on the contribution (Expl.) A summary statement should be enclosed as far as possible explaining the difference between the contribution of last month and this month (Example).
  8. Contributions should be remitted within 10th of the following month without fail otherwise a penalty of 2% on the contribution amount shall be levied to the Organization concerned as per clause no 101 through 103 of the NPPF Rules & Regulations, July2002, a copy of which has already been forwarded to all.
  9. The Validated Deposit Invoice and the recovery schedule should be forwarded to us as soon as the contribution is remitted in the Bank.
  10. Adjustment of short/excess contribution should be always made between one to one invoices. Excess Contribution cannot be refunded but has to be adjusted with future contributions.
  11. LPC once issued on account of transfer or retirement, no further contribution should be remitted, as the system does not accept double contribution or contribution after refund.