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Process of Enrollment: Armed Force-PF

It is the duty of the Personnel and Human Resource Division of each Agency ( Ministry, Department, Companies, Corporations ) to ensure that all eligible employees are enrolled in the NPPFP.
Sufficient sample copies of Enrolment Forms and Forms for updating are supplied to all the Agencies by NPPF. It is necessary to follow up with the Agencies to ensure prompt completion of the registration formalities for the new hires; so is also important to notify the NPPF on the transfer of the employees.
All employees of civil service, public organizations, projects, institutions, and joint sector companies must complete the Enrolment Form1 for Tier1 and Tier2 Plans immediately on appointment with the respective Employers who, in turn forwards the completed forms to NPPF. Incase the member gets married and has children subsequently; or need to change nominations all the details need to be forwarded to NPPF through the Employer using the required forms-1A, 1B respectively.
The completed Enrolment Form must be sent to NPPF either with the first contribution of the member or immediately after appointment.