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Collection of Contribution: Armed Force-PF

Every month, the employers need to deduct the required rate of contribution from the employees along with matching employers contribution through detailed Recovery Schedule ( Form-2 and/or Form-3 ). At the same time, the contributions collected must be deposited to NPPFP Contribution Account through designated branch of Bank of Bhutan (BOB) in a deposit invoice designed and supplied by the NPPF.
In order to provide easy access in depositing the contributions, the NPPF has opened NPPFP Contribution Accounts with 22 branches of BOB as per the distribution of Banks network. The arrangement and process of depositing the contributions are as follows:

  1. The Employers while depositing the contribution need to fill up the deposit invoice in quadruplicate and present along with the contribution amount ( cash/cheque ) to the designated Bank.
  2. The 2nd and 3rd copies of the invoice are kept by Bank whereas 1st and 4th are returned to the depositing Agency duly validated by Bank. The 2nd copy is sent to the NPPF by the Bank along with the Bank statement, 3rd copy kept in the Bank, 1st copy sent to the NPPF by Agency along with recovery schedule and 4th copy kept by the Agency for reference.
  3. .Arrear contribution cannot be clubbed with regular contributions. Arrear contributions need to be remitted separately. Clubbing of contributions is not accepted by system. All the Agencies are required to use the recovery schedule as annexed.
  4. The NPPFP numbers of the members need to be written chronologically irrespective of grade or designation in the recovery schedule.
  5. .If any member joins or leaves the Agency, his/her name shall be placed in the schedule as per the NPPFP Numbers sequence.
  6. Contributions are required to be remitted separately for different types of members ( Tier2 and Both members ) using separate invoices.
  7. The first contribution for a new hire should be accompanied by his/her Enrolment Form.
  8. The recovery schedule and validated deposit invoice must be sent to NPPF immediately after the contribution is remitted to bank
  9. The Contributions must be remitted to the Bank by first week of the following month without fail.