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Objectives of NPPF Member Housing Loan Scheme:Investment

The principle objectives

1.To finance the

  • Construction of the residential accommodations and flats.
  • Repairs and extension of the existing buildings.
  • Acquisition of the flats and buildings.

2.The National Pension & Provident Fund plays a significant role in the nation building by directing its
investments to areas of socio-economic development like building the social assets to the members during their working days.

3.The possible impacts of this loan to the members:

  • Will cease out the excess liquidity faced by the National Pension and Provident Fund and as well as by the other Financial Institutions of the country.
  • Will cease out the chronic residential problems faced by the large towns like Thimphu and P/ling and as well as by the satellite towns in the country in future.
  • Will facilitate development of residential houses in rural areas.
  • As the members may own houses in rural areas the members may settle back in rural areas on retirement.