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Roles & Responsibilities:Real Estate

Primary Functions and Responsibilities

  • Acquire land based on proper analysis of its purpose and economic values;
  • Explore right choice of investment in real estate to optimize the returns through proper analysis, in collaboration with project and fund management division;
  • Work towards home ownership programs by members in collaboration with membership loan division;
  • Plan, design and execute construction projects, either departmentally or outsourced as per the approval of the management/board;
  • Maintain proper record of capital expenditure of the constructions as per the accounts requirement;
  • Act as custodian of the land and buildings and ensure timely payment of tax and insurance;
  • Ensure fair and transparent allotment of rental units as per the Housing Management Rules and regulations and administer and manage rental collections, in close collaboration with regional offices concerned ;
  • Ensure maintenance of proper record of land, buildings, equipment, etc. and ;
  • Ensure proper preventive and reactive repair and maintenance of the buildings and infrastructures to enhance utility and prolong life of assets.