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Real Estate Overview

As the largest Real Estate Developer in Bhutan, the National Pension and Provident Fund has significantly contributed to the overall socio economic development of the Kingdom and in helping reduce the housing shortages in the country. Currently, the National Pension and Provident Fund’s real estate properties mainly comprise of residential buildings located in the major cities of Bhutan.
The Pension Fund is continuously exploring for investment opportunities in real estate with the objective to increase supply of residential houses to its members. Feasibility studies are carried out to acquire land and construct residential buildings not only in the major cities of the country, but in the Dzongkhags as well.
While the rationale for investment in real estate is several, the following factors have significantly influenced the decision of real estate operations of the Pension Fund:
i.To generate adequate returns on the investment over a long term period.
ii.To provide decent and affordable accommodations to the members.
iii.To assist society at large in view of the acute housing problems in the urban towns of Bhutan.
iv.To build assets and hold for value appreciation to match long-term liabilities of Pension.