1. Open Pension saving account upon production of “pension account opening letter” from NPPF by individual pensioners or beneficiaries.
  2. Forward the duly filled “confirmation of pension savings account by banks/Bhutan Post offices” to NPPF.
  3. Issue ATM against Pension Saving Account and provide net banking or online banking facilities (such as mbob, epay, mpay, etc) as per banking norms.
  4. Endorse the duly filled “revised Non-Remarriage Certificate Form” submitted and declared unmarried personally by spousal pension beneficiaries.
  5. Refer all matters related to nomination or authorization of pension withdrawal to NPPF offices for approval.
  6. Report absconded or convicted of a felony under court of law or the relinquished citizenship identity card cases of pensioners/beneficiaries, if any to NPPF.
  7. Provide list of Pensioners availing ATM services to NPPF on a quarterly basis.


  1. Prohibit deposit facilities to pension account by any person other than the direct crediting by banks authorized by NPPF in form of monthly pension.
  2. Prohibit Standing Instruction and Cheque facilities.
  3. Don’t allow withdrawal without production of pension card.
  4. Don’t allow withdrawal of pension by third party unless authorized by the NPPF.
  5. Don’t accept authorization letter from pensioners/spouses/children for withdrawal of monthly pension without NPPF’s approval.