Ms. Tshering Chuki Wangmo

Awardee of the NPPF Open Undergraduate Scholarship 2022

The NPPF Open Undergraduate Scholarship 2022 announced on 3rd March 2022 is for the purpose of identifying future leader(s) or expert(s) with the required knowledge and expertise in Pension and PF related areas. Through a rigorous nationwide selection process, NPPF has selected Ms. Tshering Chuki Wangmo, a class XII graduate of Ugyen Academy (2021). She has been selected to pursue a bachelor’s degree with a major in Actuarial Science in the University of Toronto, Canada for a duration of four years and has recently commenced her course w.e.f. 1st September 2022.

NPPF congratulates Ms. Tshering Chuki Wangmo on being selected for the prestigious NPPF Open Undergraduate Scholarship 2022. We would like to wish her the best for the successful completion of the academic course and look forward to her joining the NPPF family.