Student Loan

Purpose/Objectives: The loan aims at providing financial support to students to pursue higher education.

Eligibility: Loan can be availed by Bhutanese citizens who have completed at least class 12 and wish to pursue higher education including vocational training.


  • Guaranteed by a current NPPF member
    • Secured by fixed assets located in urban, sub-urban and extended town areas
    • Fixed asset is not required if the guarantors PF balance is equivalent to loan amount provided and the guarantor does not have any other loan with NPPF

Loan Amount: The maximum loan amount is Nu. 1,500,000/- (subject to LTV and LTI). The actual loan amount is determined  based on the fee structure, mortgage value and repayment capacity of both student and the guarantor.

Interest Rate: 8% p.a. during study period and 9% p.a. thereafter.

Tenure: 15 years

Repayment: Immediately after the disbursement and must be met from the guarantor’s monthly salary

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