Eligibility Criteria
A member becomes eligible for pension after twenty years of membership in the scheme, provided the member attains normal retirement age as per their respective service rules. A member may however avail monthly pension five years prior to attaining the normal retirement age. The monthly pension is reduced accordingly for the number of months falling short of normal retirement age.

Surviving Family Benefits
A member must have served for a minimum of three years to be eligible for surviving family benefits. Up to three children at a time of the deceased members, under the age of 18 years receive monthly pension are eligible for the benefit. The benefit amount is slightly higher for orphans.
Surviving spouse of a member is also eligible for monthly pension, in addition to the children/orphan benefit. Spouse of deceased armed forces personnel start receiving monthly pension immediately upon demise of member. Spouse of civil service members start receiving monthly pension only from the age of 50 years.
For deceased members having left only their surviving parents, the parents are eligible for monthly pension.

Pension formula and annual indexation
Monthly pension: Depends on the basic salary upon retirement and the number of years of service. Once started, pension is paid until the death of member and is indexed annually based on CPI, up to a maximum of 5%. Thereon, surviving family members are eligible to receive other pension benefit.