1. Obtain “Pension account opening letter” from NPPF.
  2. Obtain Pension saving card and ATM card against pension saving account from one of the banks of your choice by submitting above letter to the Bank.
  3. May avail online/moblile banking facilities such as mbob, epay, mpay, etc as per banking norms.
  4. Forward the duly filled “confirmation of pension account letter” to NPPF.
  5. Withdraw pension at the end of the month only as it will be credited by end of each month.
  6. Produce pension card and pension saving card when visiting banks/Bhutan post for withdrawal other than from ATMs.
  7. Furnish “non-remarriage certificate form” duly endorsed and signed by banks banks/Bhutan Post office/Gup/Tshogpa/NPPF office concerned once every year on or before 30th April for continuous payment to the spouse and children’s beneficiaries.
  8. Refer matters related to nomination or authorization to NPPF for approval.
  9. Authorized person shall submit duly filled non-remarriage certificate forms” on behalf of the pensioners.
  10. Provide or update your mobile no. with NPPF offices to receive pension related information such as increments, submission of forms, pension TDS for filing PIT via SMS.


  1. Don’t let others including your family members/relatives withdraw your pension if they are not authorized by NPPF to do so because NPPF/Banks/Bhutan Post Offices shall not be liable for such delinquency.
  2. Don’t share your ATM pin with others if you avail ATM facilities.