Corporate Loan

NPPF provides long term and short-term corporate loans to the following:

  1. Royal Government & its Institution, Agencies and Projects,
  2. Government owned, Joint sector corporations and public limited companies incorporated under the companies act of the kingdom of Bhutan.
  3. To projects under taken by private institutions/individuals but only by way of consortium financing with other financial institutions.

In order to avail corporate loan, please find the check list that is required by the client to submit to NPPF for necessary actions. Click here.

Following are the Interest range applicable on corporate loans but the rates may differ for different corporations/projects based on individual corporations/projects association to risks.

Loan Tenor Interest Rate
Up to 3 Years 7.65% to 10.15%
Up to 5 Years 7.73% to 10.23%
Up to 7 years 7.85% to 10.35%
Up to 10 Years 8.10% to 10.60%
Above 10 years 8.85% to 11.35%