By default, all government agencies are registered members of the NPPF. Civil servants and armed forces personnel on regular employment enjoy simultaneous membership in both the pension and provident fund (PF) schemes. Employees of certain government corporations, joint-sector companies, national and international non-governmental agencies also enjoy simultaneous membership while contract employees are members to only the PF scheme.

As per the National Pension and Provident Fund Plan (NPPFP) Rules and Regulations 2002 (amended 2013), and Armed Forces Pension and Provident Fund Scheme (AFPPFS) Rules and Regulations 2002 (amended 2011), following agencies are eligible for membership in the NPPF:

Simultaneous membershipBhutanese national regular employees working in the following sectors:

  1. Armed forces
  2. Civil service
  3. Public organizations, projects, and institutions of the Royal Government
  4. Fully owned government, joint sector, and public companies.

Tier 2 (PF) membership only

  1. Expatriate members of the armed forces.
  2. Expatriates working in the above agencies.
  3. Contract employees working in the above agencies.