NPPF would like to notify all our esteemed sponsoring agencies and its employees who are NPPF members to kindly comply with the following with immediate effect:

(For Agencies)

  1. To send enrolment forms of new employees to NPPF within 5 working days after the employee joins the agency & before depositing PF contribution after which NPPF will send the membership number to the sponsoring agencies to update in their system.
  2. To remit PF contribution and update the journal voucher number of the deposit on the same day when salary is remitted to the bank to enable NPPF to update record on time. Failure on the part of the agencies shall attract penalty as per the rules in vogue.
  3.  To send an appointment order clearly stating whether the employee is recruited as regular or on contractual term.
  4. To inform NPPF when there are changes in employment term (regular to contract or vice versa) of the employees within 5 working days by sharing appointment orders.
  5. To deposit any penalty charged on late PF contribution deposit within 5 working days on receipt of penalty imposition letter from NPPF.
  6. To clearly mention the reasons for separation in the relieving order. (Voluntary Resignation, Superannuation, Compulsory Retirement, Termination, Demise etc.).

(For Members)

  • Members to send confirmation letter whether to continue in the same PF account after resigning from one agency and joining another agency or resigning and joining the same agency. If the member fails to report to NPPF within 5 working days of PF contribution deposit, the member’s PF contribution will be continued under the same account number. No requests for claim for the old PF account will be entertained thereafter.

For any further information and clarifications, please contact us at 17170883.