1. Eligibility Criteria to apply for Class III type unit.
1Type of Flat:Class III
2No. of Unit1
3Applicant:Active PF members
5Applicant and/ or Spouse:Not a tenant of Public Housing Unit.
6Allotment:Shall be done on the basis of seniority in NPPF membership on 10th April 2023.
7Monthly Rent:4715.00
8Occupancy Date:W.e.f 1st May 2023.

Application along with required documents to be submitted on or before 11:00AM on 5th  April 2023.

For any enquiries or clarifications, please contact 07-251153/17957187 during office hours.

Disclaimer: NPPF shall not be responsible for the disqualification of applications resulting from submission of incomplete documents within the application deadline. Applications are valid only for one time and applicants who have applied previously must reapply to be eligible for allotment.